Liquid Crystal Displays

Axometrics' systems are used by almost every manufacturer of LCD's world-wide.  They are deployed in all areas of product development:

  • Research and Development
  • Production
  • Quality Assurance

Parameters that can be measured:

  • Cell gap
  • Twist angle 
  • Rubbing direction (TFT side and CF side)
  • Pre-tilt angle (TFT side and CF side)

Types of Samples that can be measured:

  • Single-domain LC Cells (TN, STN, OCB, VAN, IPS, etc.)
  • Multi-Domain LC Cells (MVA, PVA, PSVA, UV2A, FFS, etc.)

Available Systems for Panels:

  • Laboratory systems for samples 6 inches and smaller
  • PanelMappers for panels up to 85 inches
  • Production systems for motherglass up to gen 10
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