LCD Films Measurements

With their unmatched measurement speed, repeatability, system-to-system accuracy, and measurement capability, Axometrics' measurement systems are used at every stage of optical film manufacturing and testing.

Sample Geometry

  • Cut films measured against precision reference edge
  • Inline measurement made on a moving web
  • Optical gauging systems to compensate operator loading error

Retardation Films

  • Retardation magnitude and axis orientation
  • Optical rotation / circular retardance
  • Retardance dispersion (retardance vs. wavelength)
  • In-plane (R0) and out-of-plane (Rth) retardance
  • High-order retardance (PET films, etc.)

Polarizer Films

  • Polarizer axis orientation
  • Contrast ratio / diattenuation
  • Linearity or ellipticity of input and output polarization states
  • Alignment of input and output polarization states

Multi-Layer Films

  • Patented 'Multi-Layer Analaysis Software'
  • Determine parameters of individual layers after films have been laminated together
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