LCD Panel Measurements

Axometrics' patented technology can measure any mode of LC cell, from traditional TN and ECB cells, to modern IPS, OCB, and PSVA cells.  And the technology is future-proof.  Because the fundamental measurement is the complete Mueller matrix, the system will be able to measure new modes of cells as they are developed.

Simultaneous measurement of all key cell parameters:

  • Cell gap
  • Rubbing direction (both TFT and CF side)
  • Twist angle
  • Pre-tilt angle (both TFT and CF side)

Measuring LCD Panels:

  • Sample sizes from 0.25" micro-displays to Gen 10 motherglass
  • Unlimited measurement sites 
  • Map key cell parameters across the panel 
  • Measure defects near the edge of the active area
  • Measure defects caused by back-light heating

Measuring Individual LCD Pixels:

  • Measure uniformity of all key cell parameters within a pixel
  • Measure parameters within individual sub-domains
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